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Membership criteria

Each application for membership of TRADS will be vetted by members of the TRADS Management Committee and if, in the opinion of the Committee members, the Applicant meets the qualifying criteria below, the Applicant will be informed that their application for membership has been accepted.

An applicant seeking membership of TRADS must demonstrate that:    
He / she is primarily and substantially involved in the provision of real estate consultancy, professional and agency services to occupiers of commercial real estate, including tenants and owner-occupiers from the public and / or private sectors.
He / she does not, other than in exceptional circumstances, provide any real estate consultancy, professional or agency services to landlords, developers or investors of commercial real estate. To qualify for TRADS membership a prospective member should provide services predominantly to tenants and owner-occupiers on the basis that no more than 10% of the member’s annual fee income, or yearly time allocated, is associated with the provision of real estate services of any kind to landlords, investors or property developers.
It will be presumed that any member of the Society is unlikely to ever find himself / herself in the position of having a conflict of interest but in the event that a conflict did arise, involving the provision of real estate services to a landlord, investor or property developer, the member would, by default, defer to the tenant / occupier client and decline instructions from the landlord, investor or property developer client.
Applicants will be required to confirm that their head of department has authorised the application for membership of TRADS, by ticking the box in the Application for Membership form, on the basis that the Applicant meets the qualifying criteria for membership.
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